Belarusian Students' Association (BSA or ZBS) is the only independent nationwide student union of Belarus. We represent 270'000 Belarusian students from 50 Universities across the country. BSA is one of the founders of European Students' Union (ESU), representing students from all over the Europe.
International activities
  • Reporting and monitoring
    Realising that Europe isn't aware of Belarus and its' educational system, we actively spread the knowledge about it. We react to the student rights' violations via resolutions. We cooperate with ESU for monitoring and reporting on results of Bologna process roadmap in Belarus.

  • Cooperation and partnership
    For many years we provide an opportunity for bilateral events to be held. We take care of study visits, hosting for volunteers or friendly hangouts with like-minded people, so they can learn more about Belarus and its educational system. BSA is also open for common projects.
  • Erasmus +
    BSA doesn't work on the E+ projects, though we actively participate as a partner side. Contact us on for more information.
National work
- Improving the quality of education;
- protection of rights and interests of students;
- popularization of Belarusian language and culture.
All our activities are aimed at the implementation of our values. So, to improve the quality of education each semester we launch an Academy of Student Leadership - a training for 20 activists on local problems in their universities resolvement. We also believe that the creation of opportunities for non-formal education allows you to fill in the gaps in formal education.
Protecting the student rights is realized through the consultation of the Legal Clinic, as well as through periodic monitoring and enhancing international solidarity through the creation of resolutions and reports to the European Students Union and the Bologna Follow-Up Group.
Language and culture promotion is a cross-cutting value that we promote through the use of language on our resources and publications and periodic activities.
In addition, we have:
- Media "Studenckaya dumka", which continues the tradition of 1988
- Discount card UNI
- Office, where our members can carry out their activities
- Many other attractions from our members
Report on Violations on Students' Rights in 2020
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