We are youth civil organization, which has such goals as:
  • Improvment of higher education system;
  • Protection of student's rights and interests;
  • Popularization of Belarusian Language in education and science.
If you share our values – we are open to any kind of cooperation and partnership
Belarusian Student Association (BSA) (Bel. – ZBS: Zadzinočańnie Biełaruskich Studentaŭ) is one of the oldest youth organisations in Belarus. It was founded at the end of the 80s and was independent from the communist regime youth organisation at the end of the 80s. The first communities appeared in Belarusian State University (BSU), Belarusian State Medical University (BSMU) and Belarusian State Technical University (BSTU). The BSA took an active part in daily life of students, planned actions against ideologisation of education and advocated learning the history of communistic party as compulsory subject.

In 1992 the BSA was officially registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus as the "Republican Public Youth Association "Belarusian Students' Association". In 1999 the BSA became a friend of the ESIB (now ESU – the European Students' Union).

On 3 December 2001, the Supreme Court rejected the registration of the BSA because of its campaigns aimed at social problems of the students (compulsory job assignment, insufficient study bursary, old textbooks) and the action "Choose!" which called to vote at the last democratic presidential elections. The Court didn't consider the applications of 30 European students' unions and human rights organisations and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus didn't bring sufficient legal arguments.

Since that time, BSA has being continued its activity in a constant opposition to the official belarusian authorities.

In 2015 BSA relaunched its activity by the consolidation with the independent movement #studentsagainst. The organisation was completed with new people, missions and advocacy companies. In 2016 BSA returned its registration as the Educational institution "Philomaths". Since that time BSA has followed its traditions and now continues its activity as Belarusian Students' Association (BSA).

The official mission of BSA is to motivate Belarusian students to stand for their rights and interests, improve higher education system, struggle for academic freedom and implement European principles into the system of higher education.
What are your values and policy?
We share eurostandart values of Bologna process and stand for comprehensive cooperation between all organizations, IoHEs and administrations, for development of Belarusian's system of education.
What is your field of interest?
System of higher education, educational process, socio-political and socio-economical rights of students, students' self-government.
Do you have your own office?
Yes, we rent an office with some other organizations in Minsk. On this very office we organize most of our events, organizational meetings and conferences. To cooperate, please, write to zbsstydent@gmail.com.
Our adress: Marksa str, 21-30, Minsk, Belarus

Our Board:
Consists of six annually elected people, who share the equal rights to represent Belarusian students' association.
  • Anonymous for safety reason
    International secretary
  • Alana Mariam
    Secrerary of external affairs
  • Darja Rubleuskaya
    Community manager
  • Lisa Prakopchyk
  • Ksenia Syramalot
    Press secretary
  • Siarzhuk Dubina
    Trouble shooter
Executive director:
  • Danila Lavretski
    Temporary responsible for operating finances and legal entity
Our partners: