Каментар ЗБС да афіцыйнай справаздачы Беларусі па выкананню патрабаванняў Балонскага працэсу (ENG)
Кожны год Беларусь робіць афіцыйную справаздачу за розныя перыяды. У гэты раз мы падтрыхтавалі каментар да справаздачы за май-снежань 2018, якую Еўрапейскі студэнцкі саюз (ESU) прадставіў на чарговым паседжанні bologna follow-up grop (BFUG) – выканаўчай структуры Балонскага працэсу.
MINSK 2019
BSA comments on "National Report of the Republic of Belarus on Carrying Out the Strategy on Implementation of the Major Objectives of the Education System Development in line with the EHEA Principles and Tools (May-December 2018)"
Belarusian Students' Association is deeply concerned with the national report of the Belarusian educational structures on carrying out the strategy on Implementation of the Major Objectives of EHEA Principles and Tools. As student representatives, we consider it dishonest and not fully exposing the situation with Belarusian higher education system.

In particular, following points are raising doubts: fundamental EHEA values like university autonomy and student involvement in decision-making processes, transparency of ongoing processes and social dimension of higher education.

  1. BSA activists subjected to pressure by universities administration till now. In period from May to December at least 3 our activists claimed and proved that they had "preventive" conversations with their Deans and ideology department representatives on their activism.

  2. All rectors in Belarus still being appointed by the president of Belarus single-handedly. We think that it's contrary to the principle of independence of HEIs from political powers.

  3. Our research, made in October-November 2019 showed, that students of Belarusian universities don't really feel included in government on Universities:

  • Only 13.18 % respondents believe that students are fully represented in universities

  • The lowest of the other indicators students evaluate their representation for the reason of protection of their rights and interests (13%)

  • Only 3.7% of respondents said they could "very simply" communicate with their rector and 38.8% with their dean.

  1. Lack of the transparency as fundamental principle can be described and proved by the fact, that many documents (as well as National Report itself) are being published in the very last moment before the important conferences and meeting or even post-factum, what makes it almost impossible for NGOs and BSA in particular to prepare a proper comment or participate in a creation process of such documents.

  2. In social dimension we would like to underline the following cases and numbers:

  • First of all, the situation with massive dishousing of students in Minsk due to the II European games.

  • Secondly, we would like to highlight that for 7 years from 2011 to 2018 several crucial indicators have been changed in a bad way: a share of rural school students, enrolled in universities lowered in 40% from 12,1 to 7,3%. A share of disabled people, enrolled in universities also lowered from 0,94 to 0,34% in 2017 and 2018 accordingly.

  • BSU and some other University students have experienced a dramatic increase of tuition fee from 20 to 40%, despite the fact that annual inflation in Belarus had its historical minimum (5%) and stuff salaries increased in 5 to 10%.

All of the following above witnesses, that official Belarusian representatives not fully expose the situation and participation in creation of such reports by NGOs and independent student unions is crucially needed.
На аснове каментара ЗБС Bologna follow-up grop (BFUG) падрыхтавала афіцыйны адказ Балонскага працэсу прарэктарке Елене Баценя, афіцыйнаму прадстаўніку Беларусі ў працэсе за гэты перыяд:
Sofia 2019
Bologna follow-up group (BFUG) comment on national report
Dear Vice Rector Betenya, Dear Colleague,

We thank you for sending the Report on the implementation of EHEA principles and tools, which we were very pleased to see. We ask you kindly to convey our thanks also to your First Deputy Minister of Education, Ms I.A. Starovoitova.As you are aware, the Report arrived very close to the BFUG Board meeting in Skopje, which did not allow us to give it full consideration in the meeting. As a result Board members had to take some time to read it carefully in order to send you our feedback. In the future, we ask you kindly to submit your Report at least two weeks before the Board meets, so that we can consider it and discuss it while we are together.In general, the Board notes positively the many Bologna-related activities, conferences, workshops and events which are listed. We are happy to see that different stakeholders are being informed and potentially involved in the implementation process. We also appreciate the fact that the activities are described in order according to their relevance to the topics of the "Strategy".

Nonetheless, it is difficult to understand exactly what has been accomplished.As a result, the Board asks you please to resubmit the Report, giving a clear analytical view, under each topic, to describe, what changes have already been made, in your legislation or practice, and what impact this has had, or is expected to have, with a stipulated timeline. If there have been or you foresee delays or obstacles, please describe them for us. Please tell us also, for each topic, what support the BFUG and its members can offer. In this context, we recall that the Action Plan as submitted to the 2018 Ministerial conference states that "[t]he Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus wishes to invite the BFUG to support Belarus in this work".

We would welcome your views on how this can best be accomplished, as this point is not described in the report submitted.We ask you to do this rapidly, by 21 March at the latest. That would enable us to report to the Bologna Follow-up Group, in time for its meeting on 4-5 April in Bucharest.With respect to the "Key Commitments", we note that Belarus is involved in all three BICG Peer Support Groups. Please do take full advantage of all three Peer Support Groups, attending the meetings and interacting with the other countries in the activities and projects.We also wish to remind you that we have not yet received the Action Plan for the first semester of 2019, which we believe is in preparation.

Please send it as soon as possible, ensuring that it focuses clearly on implementation, defined in terms of concrete objectives.Be assured that we strongly support your efforts to implement the EHEA framework, knowing that they will be to the benefit of all of us, and in final analysis to all our young people.We have some comments on single points which you will find annexed.

Best regards,
Katherine Isaacson behalf of the BFUG Board

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