Students' Association
We are the coalition of student unions, which aim is the consolidation of Belarusian students for the revival of the principles of democracy, legality and respect for human rights and liberties.
Our Mission
Currently the Association represents unions of 15 Belarusian universities.
Formation of a full-fledged student representation and development of student self-government in Belarus
Our Foundation

Student unions and initiative groups of universities which share the common goals, mission and values
We support 4 demands of the nationwide protest: cessation of violence, liberation of all political prisoners, cancellation of 2020 President election results and resignation of President Lukashenko
We think that there is no real student self-govornment in Belarus and suggest building it together through defending our rights and interests in our Universities.
We propose to get rid of archaic and authoritarian practices such as forced assignment of students and advocate the creation of fair conditions for students in New Belarus.
Support the general protest
Real self-government
The reformation of the system
What We Stand For
We stand for changes in our country in general and in the life of students in Belarus in particular
What We Do Right Now
Campaigning for imprisoned students
We are working on lobbying student political prisoners agenda, as well as making suggestions on how to support them right now.

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Together with "Honest University" initiative we provide any belarusian student who applies with legal advice. We are also ready to help in case of a threat to the safety of an activist.
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Our strength lies in unity. We call on all caring students to join the unions of your universities, and if there is none, we can help in organizing it.

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Flashmob actions to support repressed students
We've launched a flash mob #свабодустудэнцтву (#freedomforbelstudents) with shaving our heads baldly to draw attention to the problem of political prisoners. Join us!
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Collecting and processing of information on repressions
Since September, we have been actively keeping track of all the facts of pressure and the use of repressions against the students of Belarus. You can also share your information.

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We represent the interests of the Belarusian students in the European Student Union and work on lobbying of belarusian agenda in other international structures. Contact us for any cooperation.

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